to close to power lines

to close to power lines?

I took my Phantom 2.0 out to a local motocross track today, to do some video and was doing great. Everything was working perfectly. Fist, I guess I should mention what I fly. It’s a DJI Phantom 2.0, with H3-3D gimbal, black pearl monitor and a GoPro hero 3 black. All the firmware was up to date, not sure if that matters, but thought I would mention, in the name of being thorough.

So, after about 7-8 minutes of getting some great footage, my brother had come around the track, and I flew over to follow him. One particular lane of the track, ran perfectly straight, under the power lines above. I was very cautious not to fly too close to them. That is, until my brother came around that lane. I had put too much faith in what I was viewing in the monitor, and wasn’t physically inspecting the craft’s relation to the power lines, as much as I probably should have. I guess it had drifted more than I thought, when I went towards the power lines. So, as I’m flying, and looking at the monitor, I see the power lines, on the screen, and think, OH SH!T. I did my best to try to get away from the power lines, but it ended up hitting. The monitor gave me an error message, from the GoPro, and then, luckily I was able to retain control and land it, by physically watching it from that point, as the monitor had gone blind.

After I parked the DJI, I rebooted, and the gimbal seems to work perfect. It gets a video feed from the camera still, and the up and down features of the gimbal still work perfectly. It’s worth noting that the Phantom suffered only one broken prop tip. Luckily I had prop guards on there, or I think it could have been much worse.

My question is this. The phantom won’t let me do a GPS calibration anymore. The lights are a solid red. I can put the S1 switch in ATTI mode, and get yellow solid light. However, Until I know what’s wrong, I don’t trust it to not wander off. I haven’t cracked open the shell to see if anything got fried, but judging by the outside, I’m guess, it was more electrical interference problem. Any ideas, on what to start looking for?

Thanks for any input, and yes, I know I should have stayed away from the power lines. I got overly confident in the precision of the video feed, and how I was flying up to that point. Lesson learned. Stay further away. 🙂

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