Osmo Mobile 2

Osmo Mobile 2 live stream to Facebook

Question: I read the majority of pages last night with regards to streaming Facebook Live via the Osmo Mobile 2. It seems with Android, in this case Galaxy Samsung S8 Active, I am unable to stream to my business page(s). Correct? I show no pull down menu, I logged out of both, changed pw’s to ensure it was a fresh start, even had logged in and stayed on business page while starting the Osmo, to no avail. Any work around? I thought about streaming it from my personal profile to my business page… But I have a security setting somewhere that is preventing that. Inquiring, doofed-up, annoyed minds want to know.

Answer: Unfortunately, therein lies the issue. There is no arrow next to it like the pictures. However, I commandeered my iPhone and set up the software and NOW there is a pull down menu. My workaround? I just went to my Facebook app, clicked Live Video there. Remember, double tap the screen to flip to the forward facing camera.

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