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News on Fully Automatic Espresso Machines 2020

As many of you know, our site is changing more and more to a general technical side. We do not just want to give you tips on drones, but also talk about other technical devices and news.

Today we provide technical news for all coffee fans. We look at the market for fully automatic coffee machines and bring on some news on current, useful accessories.
Shortly before Christmas, new top products from the leading manufacturers of fully automatic coffee machines are launched onto the market. DeLonghi, Philips and Siemens are introducing new products that will boost the coffee market. With their previous top products, they could achieve very good sales success year after year, and they want to build on this year as well.

The quality brand Philips brings the reissue of his classic product out the machine with the designation EP2220 / 10. Equipped with a SensorTouch and a user-friendly user interface, the black / black brushed automaton is certainly a good present for dear friends and relatives. The Philips 3200 series will also be expanded to include the model number EP3243 / 50 in 2019.

Anyone who is willing to spend a bit more money on good coffee is in good hands with the Italian brand DeLonghi. With the MAESTOSA EPAM 960.75.GLM and the PRIMADONNA ELITE EXPERIENCEECAM 656.85.MS, two great coffee machines directly challenge the competition. Will these machines be the bestsellers in 2020? As always, this will be apparent at the end of the year next year.

On the other hand, if you already own a machine and are only looking for a great gift, we always recommend a high quality coffee bean mixture. A coffee blend has proven to be ideal here, which can be well ground by all machines and does not taste too bitter. In addition, it should of course be fair, so that no harm comes to our taste.

We can recommend to you the fair trade coffee bean mix from Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC.

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