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Lost my DJI Spark

Guys i lost sparky….!!
Wasn’t able to use the fcc apk (tried lots of times) so i tried the “floater app hack”. Started to work fine, got carried away and flew it more than 1km! I was so exited. All of a sudden i lost connection and started panicking. Wasnt able to see it any where. Went looking for it….. No use…. I live in the city… Could be anywhere. Tried the “find my drone” but since i was using a gps facker (floater) maps didnt work…. I am heart broken…..

We received this kind of question many times. For all of you, who doesn’t find his/her Spark, can buy a refurbished or new one here.*

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  • Michael says:

    It’s worth contacting DJI via the app and sending them the log file. I took me a few months but I ended up with a free replacement!

  • Harvey says:

    where do I get the log file from?

  • Michael says:

    if you contact DJI they will walk you through the process. From memory they sent a pdf with instructions

  • Paul says:

    Have you looked again at take off point?

  • Jay says:

    Dunno if dji will cover you for using a hacked app

  • Ben says:

    Sorry, but I have to laugh a little but still feel bad for you. A GPS app that sets a fake location, like another country for the FCC mod maybe, then when it loses comms it buggers off home to a fake location, who’d have thought! Live and learn

  • Steven says:

    RTH is set from the GPS on the drone, not the GPS on the phone, which is the faked one. Still, there’s a reason you’re meant to have it line of site; so you can still fly it back manually when stuff goes wrong. I applaud the efforts of the modders and the cool stuff they do, but the sensible ones seem to accept Sparky may choose freedom

  • Karl says:

    i guess thats what went wrong. The fake gps was coming back and forth from the fake location. My guess, the dji app got the right location, went back to CE and cut off transmition…. My bad

  • Rinaldo says:

    Own fault since you fooled around with a gps faker. Now stop moaning

  • Kevin says:

    if you tune up a car that only suppose to go 100 mph to 200 mph, things can go wrong. If not, you are lucky. Same with Spark and pushing its limit. People always must be aware that it can go wrong.
    And what does he wants, for us to come to him looking for his spark ?

  • James says:

    I’m sorry for your loss but for future reference when you have got it into FCC mode you turn GPS spoofing off!

  • Oliver says:

    You only user floater to set fcc and after that you disable it. Of course. Did you leave floater enabled?

  • Oliver says:

    But home point should be set from drone GPS, so even when you used floater wrong way, it should have returned to you after loss of connection.

  • Anthony says:

    Floater app only spoofs location for setting WiFi to FCC. If does not make any difference to the GPS coordinates of either the phone or the quad. Both will show actual locations. All you need to do to retain FCC WiFi configuration is to not accept the change of location message when powering up the quad each time.

    Find my drone will. Show last recorded “Actual” Location of the quad.

  • Merv says:

    Sudden disconnection may mean loss of power. Did you have a battery strap fitted? If not, the battery may have popped out and Sparkie went straight down. The good part about that is that it mayl be somewhere close to the “Find my Drone” location.

  • Bronzon says:

    You should have last known gps coordinates in flight record. That’s how i found my drone when it fell out of the sky at 67 feet about a half a mile from home.

  • Dave says:

    Ok dont give up hope….. Get an app called Airdata UAV, install it on the device you used when flying and sync with ya DJI login details….then go to a pc or laptop and go in the Airdata UAV website, sync online again with ya DJI login details an there’s a mountain of data to be had……including the very last location of the drone …even after disconnected from you…… Go find ya sparky

  • Frank says:

    Once FCC is set there’s no need to have floater installed at all, UNINSTALL it and install again if you accidentally change the region. BUT NEVER FLY WITH FLOATER INSTALLED.

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