Drone Laws on Tenerife

Drone laws on Tenerife

If you want to take off your drone on Tenerife, you will surely bring home great pictures. Nevertheless, you should always keep an eye on the drone while flying, because a “permanent visual contact” is mandatory. The maximum altitude is 120 meters. Flights over uninhabited areas and authorized areas where model aircraft are allowed to fly, are allowed. Flying over cities and large crowds is prohibited, as well as night flights. Of course, also in the areas of airports, airfields or similar, flying is prohibited. These include small heliports such as at hospitals.

Places to visit with the drone Below I would like to recommend some places that are worth seeing. For some, you need a permission as described above. Please check this beforehand, as such rules change quickly. So the following places are recommendations, without paying attention to whether flying is allowed there, because we had a permit for our drone: – Los Gigantes – Punta de Teno – Buenavista del Norte – Pyramids of Güímar – Anaga Mountains – La Orotava – Drago Milenario

Which products can I recommend? Personally, I use the DJI Spark Combo*, because it’s just small and handy, and even if you’ve flown somewhere where it turns out to be illegal, the watchdogs, rangers, police officers usually turn a blind eye, because it seems like a toy, quite more than a Phantom 4, for example. As a second recommendation I would mention the DJI Mavic Air. It is the cheaper, lighter and better successor to the DJI Mavic Pro. You see, I’m an absolute DJI fan. And to complete the series, here’s the Osmo 2 gimbal (successor to the Osmo). If you are still unsure about flying, buy a DJI Care Refresh. This protects the damage and loss of your quadcopter. DJI has just released another drone, the Tello, which I think is more of a toy..

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  • Peter says:

    I was there about 6 years ago with a friend staying at costa adeje …. we went on a trek that was pretty epic that has a big archway.. would be great for a drone ….. its called Masca and the valley goes down to a beach…. its pretty epic and a lot of history regarding the pumping of water through the valley…

  • Cali says:

    Hello. I’m looking to take my air with me to Tenerife. Has anyone encountered problems flying over there? From what I can see as long as your sensible like you should be always it looks fine?

  • Pedro says:

    I’m cook in cruise ships, it’s just a matter of time ahahaha… Btw I got my MA just after his launch in Tenerife, Spain… Good prices there ❤

  • Christian says:

    he went a little out of los 😛 also i think other than el teide the rest is okay, most national parks in most countries you cant fly a drone

  • Stefan says:

    Thats great, thanx a lot…

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