2.4GHz oder 5.8GHz on android

2.4 or 5.8GHz on Android

Been trying to figure this out for some time now. I can’t connect android to controller. Ok so I’m using the app from the group. All works well on 5.8 but when I switch to 2.4 I can’t connect android to controller if controller is already connected to spark. If the spark is off I can connect controller but as soon as controller connects to spark at 2.4g android can no longer see the controller. It’s driving me nuts! Does anyone have a solution? Many thanks!

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  • Keith says:

    the rc/phone uses whichever frequency isnt being used for the drone/rc connection. so if you use 2.4 for phone/rc then you will be using 5.8 for drone/rc and same the other way around so if your phone doesnt support the specific 5.8 that the rc would use then it wont connect and you would need to be in 2.4 amd use 5.8 on the drone/rc (which is default setting anyway)

  • Kevin says:

    that makes good sense. However this phone does support 5.8 (s6 edge) what else do you think could cause these issues Matthew? Thanks again.

    Just re-read what you wrote Matthew. “Specific 5.8” do you mean the rc could be using a different part of the 5.8 spectrum to my android handset?

  • Glenn says:

    try using otg cable to connect to the rc?

  • Kevin says:

    I tried that and it works. I would rather use OTG cable too so a massive success! Thank you all for your help and advice

  • Mauricio says:

    You can switch wifi Phone settings 2.4 to 5.8, try and it may solve it

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