Selling a DJI Spark

Selling a DJI Spark

A lot of DJI Spark pilots are selling their drones because of the brand new drone Mavic Mini from DJI. SO today we got more and more questions like this: Looking for some advice please. I’ve sold my Spark to fund the purchase of a Mavic Air and I’m wondering what I need to do to have the Spark ready for its next owner? I will format the SD card but Im thinking should I do a factory reset because of the FCC mod or leave it? Cheers and sorry if it’s not the right place to post this. I think a back to basics unit would be best, but is this enough? What else can i do before selling my drone to a foreigner?

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  • Marv says:

    If you have sold it already then it has been sold “as is”… leave it otherwise you risk stuffing something up which may jepordise the sale.

  • Will says:

    Just hand it over, I sold mine that easily to a happy customer. I would write an informal receipt though, just to prove sale.

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