Cannot link my drone

Cannot link my drone

Guys help needed.
I undusted sparky after months of storage and tried to link it with my new moto G6. I was in tenerife, amazing sceneries and was unable to link my phone with the RC. Wifi ok, spark and RC link OK, but i never got to see what i was filming. I had to go comando and film without the phone (wont be able to see it till i download it from sparky)….. Does anyone know why i couldnt link the phone??
PS i was trying the FCC mod btw….

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  • Alexandros says:

    Press power button and let beep once and then twice. WiFi on spark will go on

  • Pete says:

    Was you trying to link phone with drone or phone to rc ??

  • Valkiria says:

    i was trying to link phone to RC. RC to spark link was OK. Green light as in picture.

  • Mike says:

    With my Moto, I always have to turn off the mobile data or put it in flight mode. The reason is the WiFi connection doesn’t have an “internet” connection, so it automatically drops back to mobile data

  • Ben says:

    it is your phone trying to be helpful. It connects to a WiFi with no internet (your drone). It thinks it’s a bad connection, so it routes the traffic over your 4g data connection and ignores the WiFi. So the Spark doesn’t connect.

  • Mike says:

    I think it’s called WiFi Assist if you want to Google it

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