4Hawks Extenders

4Hawks Range Extenders

Really really need somebodys help urgently..
I brought the 4hawks range extenders fitted them but nothing worked after sent it to DJI they fixed the remote saying the antennas where broken charged me 100 euro and sent rc back with original antennas back on !!!!

Is there anyone that can help and fit these for me …

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  • Jason says:

    You sent the RC back to DJI with the mod on it?

  • Campbell says:

    I’m a bit shocked you’ve broke the rc by modifying and sent it do dji to get fixed 🤔

  • Pete says:

    they said it was the antenna cable was broke ???
    After I fitted it I couldnt do nothing apart from connect to drone a d that was it

  • Leon says:

    That’s Nutts they removed your 4hawks bracket and replaced them with same carp signal anttenas and charge u ÂŁ100 WTF NUTS

  • Niko says:

    Couldn’t you just buy a new remote for that price?
    I actually took the 4hawks off of my Spark RC because I didn’t see that much improvement in range. It works much better on my MP.

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